Floor-Safe Office Chair Heavy Duty Casters

Floor-Safe Office Chair Heavy Duty Casters can great, even if your chair is brand new. Save the floor from the hazards of your usual wheels.

People that need Big and Tall Chairs should also be worried about what is under it. Replacing their regular wheels for a stronger and less damaging option is a great idea to preserve your beautiful floor.

Floor-Safe Office Chair Heavy Duty Casters

Office Chair Heavy Duty Casters

These wheels will help you stop damaging your expensive hardwood floors. Many wheels use cheap, low-quality materials that destroy your boards, carpet, or rug. These encased with soft, polyurethane material and rollerblade style wheels are guaranteed not to scratch or leave marks on any surface.

You will finally feel free to cast that old computer chair floor mat away!

These durable casters by Office Oasis have an entire support bracket and internal parts made of high-grade steel. Providing years of smooth rolling, the heavy duty design supports up to 650 lbs on a set of 5. They are the strongest chair wheels on Amazon.

Remain focused and relaxed while you enjoy soft & quiet rolling with the help of these office chair heavy duty casters. Precision ball bearings swivel and pivot providing smooth and easy-rolling without causing any unwanted noise.

Unique and modern, these wheels are designed with the universal standard size stem, so you can transform any type chair or stool into a modern rolling piece of furniture. They are the perfect and best upgrades to countless other brands of rolling chairs and stools.

The manufacturers believe so much in their product, that a fantastic warranty is offered. You won’t regret taking a peek at this product, and maybe trying it out!


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The Office Oasis - Rollerblade Office Chair Wheels





  • Keeps floor safe
  • Almost noiseless
  • Saves you lots money from trying to fix the floor.


  • They don't come with the chairs.
  • You spend a bit more.

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